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August 10, 2022

 Tips for Heel Pain

The vacation season gives us many reasons to rush here and there and roams around to get the full gist of the adventure. But with joy and enjoyment comes pain, especially in our heels.  Sadly, an excessive number of us don’t actually do whatever it may take to “change” it however much we attempt to […]

June 15, 2022

How to keep your feet clean & beautiful?

From dew drops on the grass in the morning to the tickle of sand grains on the ocean side, our connection with the environment is through our senses. From smelling the pleasant odor of flowers to feeling the cold breeze, nature strikes us with energy and mood. We are very particular about our skincare routine […]

May 31, 2022

Tips to take care of your feet!

We all have tottered around in the wake of going with an unfortunate shoe decision and realize that this is absolutely evident! An extraordinary pair of shoes can cause you to feel inexpressibly good while terrible shoes can rapidly demolish your evening (or even your feet!). From your Rs. 200 flip-failures to your Rs.3000 heels, […]

May 20, 2022

Foot Care Tips

Many of us are exceptionally careful about our facial skin, hair, and even hands but foot care is frequently consigned to the end of our priority list. On second thought, we apply lotions and cold creams on our face several times a day, yet we ignore our feet for quite a long time at a […]

January 16, 2022

Travel with Comfort and Classy Footwear

Regardless of where you’re traveling to mountains or beaches or just strolling on the streets, picking up the best footwear is the hardest decision to make. Your vacation can go down the drain if your shoes keep bothering you the entire time. But with the right choices, you can spend your days footloose. BeReal’s shoes […]

October 22, 2021

7 points to remember when buying party shoes

Party shoes buying consistently require a great deal of planning and extensive trending style information. With the immensely rich collection of party shoes accessible on the web and in stores, it very well may be really confusing to pick the ideal party shoes for your forthcoming occasion. The hesitations in purchasing a couple of wonderful-looking […]

August 10, 2021

Home remedies for beautiful feet!

Feet are the most neglected body part when it comes to self-care. During rainy days, feet are susceptible to get fungal infections and many other allergies. With a little bit of care and change, you can easily achieve clean and supple feet during monsoon season. To ensure healthy and happy feet, here are some home […]

August 4, 2021

Quick tips for healthy feet in Monsoon!

Monsoon is a blessing from the blazing heat. Where rain blooms the mood and lifts the miserable moments but also drives skin infections and swollen feet. Styling is a bit adventurous but keeping your feet healthy and happy must be your priority. Stinking and wrinkled-looking feet are among the many problems that the monsoon brings […]

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