July 15, 2022

What does your footwear say about you? (Part 2)

Welcome to our blog! And we know you’re here to see what your favorite footwear tells about your personality. So let’s dive into the rest of the footwear. You can read our earlier blog to find more.


  • Flip flops: As you might have speculated, flip-flop people are extremely relaxed and easy to be around. They’re glad to take the unexplored path and see where life takes them. The flip-flop people are geared up for whatever might happen, extremely nice, and flighty. They’re spontaneous and able to go with whatever is happening right now, regardless of the ‘proper thing’, the standard, or what’s generally expected of them.


  • Tennis shoes: Are you somebody who connects with people a lot more youthful than you, yet likewise feels open to chatting with somebody much older? Sometimes you’re an old-soul person, and sometimes your energy radiates immensely. For tennis shoe buffs or sneaker lovers, mature genuinely is nevertheless a number, since you coexist with everybody. The shoe is extremely flexible — an exceptionally open people ready to investigate a ton of choices and various thoughts. They’re vivacious and ever-enduring; they’re not youthful or old. They appear to move smoothly through age-specific gatherings.


  • Wedges: Wedge lovers are somebody who generally knows how to gracefully carry themselves. You’re elegant and consistently have a strong presence. Your personality is welcoming and warm which attracts people around you. The wedge lovers are headstrong, self-confident, and friendly.


  • Pumps: Without any doubt, pump lovers are absolute “girl boss”. You’re competitive, undaunted, and intimidating to the people who can’t stay with your pace. This is supposed to be the most full-grown of the multitude of shoes. You are mindful, proficient, and strong. You are generally in an influential position. When everything is falling around you, pump lovers deal with the business so smoothly. You can be assured that a ‘pump lady’ will get your work done. 


  • Loafers: You could be depicted as a fastidious, perfectionist, and relentless. At the point when there’s the main job, you ensure it’s finished to the most elevated conceivable norm. Whether in relationships or at your particular work, you do the best that you can with everything. The loafers lovers are entirely mindful, very detail-driven, and incredible people who deal with every one of the subtleties. They’re steady. They’re honest to goodness — the genuine companion, the genuine worker. With the loafer, what you see is what you get. They are at work, whether it’s being a companion or in the working environment.


  • Mules: Mule wearers love to recount an interesting story at a gathering. They’re somebody who will fearlessly remain to give a toast, and they’re a great public speaker. This person is extremely certain, exceptionally friendly, and simply reveres being the energy of any gathering or party. Can we just be real for a minute, if you peer down and you’re wearing mules, you realize you can’t get enough of the spotlight!
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