July 10, 2022

 What does your footwear say about you? (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered what your footwear says about your personality?

Footwear doesn’t make the man. In any case, shoes mirror an individual’s personality. 

Many of us will find this odd that we do judge with their footwear but some of us will agree. Shoes reflect your overall personality. They say a lot about your age, social status, income, and political opinions. 

If you want to know what someone thinks about your personality on what footwear you’re wearing then keep reading the blog to find out.

  • High-Heeled Boots: In case of an emergency, the individual who loves to wear high-heeled boots will constantly be the one to take lead over the circumstance. They’re sharp-witted and ready to make clear and clever choices. This lady is extraordinarily confident, so individuals around her vibe are quickly more secure with her. She loves to be the center of attraction and is extremely positive. 


  • Running Shoes: If you’re somebody who appreciates wellness challenges, and fulfills your New Year’s goals to heart, then we assume you love your running shoes. This is somebody who’s exceptionally sure, very objective arranged, and extremely coordinated. You truly show


  • Clogs: Would your companions describe you as sensible? Might it be said that you are most joyful on a hike or watching the dawn? Assuming this is the case, you’re the clog type. The people who find their soul in clogs are open spirit and outdoorsy. They love nature and the entire regenerative impact of being outside. 


  • Flats: If you’re somebody who generally goes for flats, we realize that you work extremely hard in the background to guarantee there’s dependably an impeccably completed item. Furthermore, the best part is, that you’re unassuming to such an extent that you require no attention or acknowledgment for your endeavors. The flat wearer is centered extremely modest, and liberal. They’re much of the time the ladies accomplish practically everything on the planet. 


  • Stilettos: Women who wear conspicuous stilettos may appear materialistic, yet these ladies are unimaginably focused. They have a significant drive, assurance, and hard-working attitude. She’s willing and exceptionally open to potential possibilities. She truly loves and values excellence, so she encircles herself with magnificence, whether in things, individuals, or how she lives. It doesn’t necessarily in every case must be costly; it simply must be satisfying to the eye. 


  • Work boots: People who love wearing work boots love to design. As opposed to living hastily, they’re extremely practical in their way to deal with life and like to have a procedure. Along these lines, they are constantly ready for what comes straightaway and never need to stress over unexpected obstructions. The work boot wearer is grounded, exceptionally functional, and consistently has a plant. This individual never moves without a plan and is continuously thinking a few strides ahead.
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