June 15, 2022

How to keep your feet clean & beautiful?

From dew drops on the grass in the morning to the tickle of sand grains on the ocean side, our connection with the environment is through our senses. From smelling the pleasant odor of flowers to feeling the cold breeze, nature strikes us with energy and mood.

We are very particular about our skincare routine but our feet are among the most neglected parts of our body – disregarded until they request consideration. While they continually, and unavoidably experience harsh environments, a couple of things/steps regularly at home can keep them looking sound, new and delightful!

Here are some steps you can follow to keep your feet beautiful:


Like with all that in skincare, great looks start with the right purging. What’s more, on account of feet, it’s basic to keep all surfaces of the feet clean. Messy feet won’t assimilate lotions and supplements, will hold onto organisms, and over the long haul lead to broke and matured looking feet. Be exhaustive, and don’t disregard toe webs and fingernail skin. 

Two other significant tips for cleaner feet:

  • Warm water and cleanser (or soapless gel) work best. Keep away from extremely heated water.
  • Clean your feet before you hit the sack around evening time, if you’ve been barefoot during the day, or have been presented to a dusty climate. Try not to hold on until morning.


Intermittent scrubbing makes all the difference for skin, particularly so on your feet, where dead skin is harder to shed. Utilize a body scrub, or an expert foot exfoliator weekly. Pumice stone is likewise a famous choice, and is perfect for the heels, yet should be utilized with care on the upper piece of the feet.

You must moisturize your feet – and not just simply in winter. Nature has made our feet to be extremely tough – however, that additionally implies that the skin on our feet needs moisturization all the more seriously, and all the more regularly than the other body parts.

Top tips on moisturization:

  • Utilize a high moisturization foot cream, and not just any regular moisturize
  • Using cotton socks around evening time after the use of a foot cream is an extraordinary method for lessening evaporative misfortune and keeping the moisture fixed in
  • Moisturizing after a shower is dependably really smart to assist the skin with holding dampness


Protection is better than cure. You can safeguard your feet from dryness and harm by using some simple tips:

  • Stay away from long periods of uncovered feet. Use a pair of minimal expense floaters inside your house – this will reduce soil pickup and resultant dryness and itching
  • Try not to stroll with your heels on (really stay away from heels altogether, if possible) but if you still have to wear heels, keep them as low as could really be expected, and try not to move around for long 
  • Ill-fitted shoes are one of the main reasons for corns and rankle on feet 

(The consistent grating because of misfit of the footwear makes nearby skin solidify, as a natural defensive step. That is a callus, that later turns into corn. Painful. Isn’t it?)

Consult a Doctor

Feet care needs expert recommendation more frequently than, say, hand care. To get this right, we’d suggest:

  • See a certified doctor (and not a wonder spa), if you have issues connected with ingrown nails, diseases, or excruciating corns. These are ailments requiring clinical consideration
  • Going in for a pedicure or foot spa consistently will guarantee that means (1) – (3) are gotten along nicely. Simply ensure you pick a decent, hygienic place
  • Broken heels or rankles that don’t mend for a really long time could flag more serious medical problems. Ensure you don’t postpone seeing a specialist in the event that these side effects don’t work on over more than 3 a month.


Each nail paint isn’t a nail clean. Some unacceptable synthetic compounds on toenails can cause discoloration, weakness of nails, and a large group of different issues. Ensure you purchase a brand that you can trust. Furthermore, consistently have a base coat on, before you layer on the variety. That will assist with safeguarding your nails.

No sharp tools, please

Except if you are a doctor, you should lay off blades, sharp edges, and other DIY instruments to “fix” your feet. Never attempt to eliminate dry skin, calluses, or rankles yourself – it is nearly ensured to make things horrendous. So relax and go see an expert!

Dealing with feet includes a tad of exertion, however, strolling those means pays off liberally. Also, it is nearly ensured to win you compliments!


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