April 3, 2022

Gen Z style : Comfy & Chic

If there is something that Gen Z can pull off comfortably slippers effortlessly. Gen Z’s are pros at making nearly anything stylish and comfortable and getting rolling in the most one-of-a-kind way. And a pair of footwear is no different talk. Gen Z has consistently shown that regardless of what fashion staple, it can work admirably well whenever styled elegantly.

So, let’s jump into women’s slip-on and slider footwear for Gen Z girls – style it in the way these young minds would have.

Footwear for women is something beyond an at-home staple, they are a flexible pair that offers adequate solace while keeping the vibe comfortable and chic. This snazzy footwear comes in all styles and is the epitome of a relaxed fit. The most amazing aspect of comfortable sliders is that you can purchase as many as you’d want without burning a hole in your pocket. With Bereal, you can get slides for girls/women under INR 700 and up your styling game, the Gen Z way!

Sliders that you can wear in-n-out

Adding a pop of shimmer in styling this season Gen Z is by all accounts digging into this trend. A  pair of sliders in a shimmery pattern for women can add a truly munch-needed punch and amp up your boring clothing effortlessly. These nude pink shimmery slider sandals are a joy to wear with their relaxed and beautiful fit, and agreeable build. Including a super agreeable sole and slip-on style, these sliders can be matched with some shorts and a T-Shirt or some pants and a relaxed shirt; in any case, compliments are ensured.

Sliders that you can wear with formal outfits

What if we tell you to pair up your casual sliders with formal outfits. Chances are you might find it outlandish. But all thanks to Gen Z that their sense of styling has given this a normal thought. A comfy and chic pair of slider sandals for women can easily complement any formal wear by providing it a classy and polished look. These pistachio-colored sliders are designed to make formal dressing fun. With their agreeable soles and nitty-gritty detailing, this pair is an exemplary expansion to your conventional closet.

Sliders that you can wear with traditional outfits

Won’t brag about these stunning sliders. The snake-skin print with a subtle sheen on the front broad strap is what describes it best. Designed to stand the test of style and time, these women’s sliders are perfect for your desi outfits. A simple slip-on style that is easy to wear. The comfortable sole is delivered with textures and so vibrant color finishes the exemplary look of these elegant style staples. These sliders are an unquestionable pair to move your heart out at the following family get-together in style.

Sliders that you can wear everywhere

Not an extraordinary event? Don’t worry about it. Get your feet hitting the dance floor with a couple of these relaxed sliders for women. Made to make a simple yet huge style proclamation, these women’s sliders are what each girl must have while attempting to show up in style. These pairs of women’s sliders include a broad strap with a nitty-gritty pattern and a demeanor of style that is essentially difficult to stand up to.

Step to buy perfect sliders for yourself:

  • Pick comfort over everything
  • Pick a color nearest to the shade of garments you generally wear
  • Remember the event for which you might want to flaunt them
  • Consider day to day wear sliders separate from your outside footwear, shop appropriately
  • Purchase the perfect size, neither too little nor excessively enormous
  • Put resources into trendy yet agreeable matches
  • Visit www.berealshopping.com for innumerable choices and styles
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