March 7, 2022

Women’s Day Gifting Ideas

On the 8th of March, the world celebrates International Women’s Day to commemorate their achievements and contributions in their respective fields. But what can we do to celebrate for the women in our lives? She can be your sister, mother, wife, or daughter, who simply puts their efforts and inputs that leave a positive impact on your life. 

So here’s a day to praise that special woman in your life by showing your adoration and respect with a gift. 


For that special one in your life, a decent pair of footwear, sandals, or flats would be a great gift.  On the off chance that you know her size, you could astound her with a la mode new pair of heels or flats. The fashionista or party-cherishing lady would adore Bereal’s blue handworked work on yet minimalistic heels or a pair of comfortable flats for her everyday errands. What better way for her to make a statement on any occasion? 

Furthermore, for the one woman who rocks a simple and sober look, these tan-colored flats from our weave collection would make the ideal Women’s Day gifts.

Handbag/ Purse

A gift that she will constantly have close by and make her think about you, a purse is perhaps the best present for Women’s Day. A statement handbag that will amp her basic outfit, look for printed or textured bags online with return policies. If she wants to change the color, she would do it easily. 

Or if she is someone who loves blingy purses, then look for embellishments such as stone or pearl work bags. Shimmery clutches are the ones that are trending in the market these days. 



Here comes the summer! Everyone, especially women, is planning to buy a pair of shades to deal with the summer heat. Each time we go out, the cruel sun in our eyes makes us need a pair to safeguard our eyes – with the extra benefit of looking spot on! Show the ladies around you the amount you care by giving them a couple of shades that won’t simply look super cool on them yet will protect their eyes. What’s a better gift than that in this approaching heat? Shades with UV-protection round shades in black or brown are both notable looks she won’t ever leave behind while she’s going out.


Another insightful gift you can’t turn out awful with as presents for ladies on Women’s Day is an exemplary watch. A watch is one more adornment that she would take with her any place she goes.  For watches that will suit most of her outfits, you can pick styles like the Gold-treated steel chronograph watch or the moderate simple watch in black or brown. If she is someone who is a fitness freak, then gifting her a smartwatch or fitness tracker would be great. 


A female gift she will value this Women’s Day is a fragrance that could turn into her signature fragrance or the one she already adores. Assuming you know the kinds of smells she wears, you could select a perfume that will turn into her top choice. 



Another option is something a woman hasn’t said no to. If you’re unsure what you can give her, then you can buy her makeup. Women love playing with makeup and no amount of makeup can fulfill our storage. Take her shopping, and she can choose herself what brands she loves and as per her skin tone. But if you want to surprise her, then getting an eye makeup palette would be the safest option. 


So, we have listed so many options from which you can choose and make her feel special. Celebrate Women’s Day every day and treat her with love and respect. 


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