February 28, 2022

Revamp your wardrobe with these cleaning tips

Fashion is just like seasons, is continuously changing and evolving. And most of the women around the globe keep refreshing their closets consistently. Remaining popular and on-trend with the most recent looks is a costly affair yet looking charming and cute, not going to burn a hole in your pocket. From up-cycling older looks by adding different pieces and accessories,  we’ve gathered five of our simple ways to revamp your wardrobe.


  • Review your wardrobe: Every great closet makeover begins by exploring what you as of now have. Generally speaking, this means work – delving into wardrobes, disposing of what does not work anymore, and putting more seasoned pieces – donating what you don’t wear now or you can resell your high-end pieces through social media shops or thrift stores. Or you can donate to some organizations that help the people who are in need. Don’t keep the clothes you don’t wear. Sometimes we end up buying the clothes and for years we never wear them. So, keep your wardrobe minimalist and practical.


  • Upcycle: You know that shirt you used to cherish, that simply doesn’t work any longer? Some of the time all it needs is a little reboot to end up back in your daily wear clothes. With just some scissors, you can change the neck area, or add cuts to the sides or back for a surprising look. Or on the other hand, perhaps you transform those old pants into shorts, or a skirt, or add patches or an old coat to give it new life. With regards to upcycling old garments as far as possible is your creative mind.

  • Invest in high-quality pieces: Whether you’re buying a pair of shoes or clothing pieces, invest in high-quality pieces. It will not just look expensive but will stay in good condition for a long time. Keeping purchasing the clothes on every season will pile up your clothes and yield the no good outfit looks. 


  • Accessories: Sometimes all that is required to add new life to old garments is an alternate setting. Another scarf or satchel, added belt, or refreshed footwear can undoubtedly make a lifeless look new again – and is a simple method for acquiring occasional tones or patterns without making a huge difference. That LBD is ideally suited for an evening but can equally look pretty at home for a brunch with the right pair of flat sandals. Bags, shoes, scarves, and jewelry are the way to brighten up and diversify your closet. With a more moderate closet, you’ll burn through no time contemplating whether your accessories look fine or coordinate with your outfit-they generally will!


  • Rock your basics: Even though you have a wardrobe loaded with extravagant pieces do you feel like you have ‘nothing to wear? ‘This is on the grounds that you don’t have the right essentials in your closet. Consider ‘basics’ as the binding together pieces that you want to make the outfit easily and effortlessly. While you’re looking for essentials, be deliberate about your buys by making a list of pieces you want, use the filter feature on websites to explore the options. For instance, if you want another white shirt, you can sort by gender, type, and color to make a work on the shopping experience. Furthermore remember to put resources into the tones first-dark, white, grey, and nude tones.

In the wake of invigorating your closet, you will be left with a huge load of garments, shoes, and extras that aren’t in condition to be worn or simply aren’t “you” any longer. Rather than discarding them, you can part with, give or reuse them.

As a footwear brand, we know about how much post-utilization footwear arrives at landfills and are wanting to make an answer for something very similar. In order to serve better to our customers as well as the environment, cruelty-free raw materials and various plant-based vegan materials are also being used to play our part as a vegan brand. With steady steps, we can collectively reduce the carbon footprints and adopt eco-friendly products. 


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