February 11, 2022

All you need to know about Vegan Leather Footwear

The world is gradually moving towards sustainable fashion and the brands from all niches are inculcating their own ways to bring eco-friendly products. But when we search for footwear for women online, it was quite difficult to get quality footwear. 

Most top footwear brands in India produce authentic leather goods, and it can get hard to track down a brand that uses vegan leather while giving you a similar look and feel as authentic leather does. As the technology has been developing and new trends have arisen, hence giving various material options to footwear designers/manufacturers to choose from. 

What is Vegan Leather?

Vegan Leather has mostly produced a polymer named Polyurethane. This is simply ideal for footwear manufacturers/designers. It’s made from pineapple leaves, cork, natural product debris, and recyclable materials to make goods that leather brands made from animal skin. 

In the past few years, vegan footwear has emerged in the Indian market, making them stylish and easy on the pocket as well. 

What is Vegan Leather made of?

Due to the demand for eco-friendly and ethical fashion, many brands have started using synthetic leather, which is made of PVC or polyurethane and easily accessible in today’s market.

Paper Leather:
Don’t get filled by the term ‘paper leather’, it is a tough material that seems everywhere in house decors to purses. This material is widely used to make delicate purses which are in high demand. 

Cork Leather:

Cork is the bark of the tree and similarly, cork leather is a sustainable and eco-friendly material to make vegan shoes, wallets and bags. BeReal footwear has an awesome collection of cork slippers that are environment-friendly as well as an ideal pick for your summer beach vacations. 


Pinatex is made up of leaf fibers of pineapples which is another eco-friendly material used to make vegan footwear.

Recycled Rubber:

Many shoes from recycled rubber are the latest trend in the fashion industry. This footwear is the best of both worlds – comfort and style. 

Reused rubber might be manufactured from elastic things, including rubber hoses, tires, and inner vehicle tubes. Rubber has a comparative strength to leather, making it ideal for vegan totes and shoes.


PVC, also called vinyl was the primarily engineered leather to hit the market, made from polyvinyl chloride. Polyester, cotton, nylon, and rayon are some of the founding materials of PVC leather.

PVC is the oldest synthetic leather which makes it cheap compared to other synthetic leather available on the market. Since they are manufactured with chemicals that are dangerous to humans and the environment too. 

PU leather:

PU is made by covering different materials (like cotton, nylon, polyester, and microfiber) with PU, which makes them water safe, anti-bacterial and gives them leather-like shine. 

Different production techniques provide different strengths, flexibility, durability and appearance of the PU leather. Premium PU leather might show up extremely stunning and have an extravagant feel to it. With regards to durability, great PU leather may last you long if appropriately cared for and used on. 

Microfiber leather:

Microfiber cowhide is a more sturdy choice on account of its strong microfibre basis, despite the fact that it comes at an expensive price. Microfiber leather has for quite some time been used in carrier seats, athletic equipment, and very good quality lounge chairs and shoes because of its unbelievable strength.

Because of environment-conscious people, many footwear brands in India are vegan and produce great quality shoes at an affordable price range. And we are proud to say that BEREAL Footwear is one among them

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