February 6, 2022

What material Bereal footwear use?

At any time of our lives, most of us have heard of vegan shoes. What are vegan shoes for if veganism is fundamentally worried about the food we eat? Nonetheless, they can apply a similar standard to different niches like fashion. To be vegan, they should try not to utilize things that incorporate any products from animals. Leather is an ideal example of it, as it is widely used in the fashion industry. In this way, the vast majority of the shoes in their closet are reasonably produced using leather. They might be pondering, now, why one would pick vegan footwear. They might be sure that no creatures were harmed from making their point of view along these lines. What’s more that is an idea worth thinking about!

If not leather, then what material is used in vegan shoes?

There are a lot more choices accessible than they do exclude leather. Polyester is a well-known substitute for animal skin. They might know PET (polyethylene terephthalate) from the plastic containers and sacks it is utilized in. Polyester is an engineered material. Plastic is a less preferred material for the climate as the amount of energy is consumed during its production. Non-renewable energy sources are used to make plastic. Plastic is another non-biodegradable material. To be thoughtful to animals, they ought not to be forfeiting the wellbeing of the biological system to do as such, right?

The shoe business is the same. That is the reason our vegan footwear is planned to utilize environment-friendly materials. For instance, instead of animal skin, we utilize a manufactured substitute made to some degree from squandering materials got from plants. And in some footwear, Bereal footwear uses plant-based materials like cork and jute. The cork-based soles are eco-friendly as well as look aesthetic too.

Bereal footwear is manufactured in PU leather, polyurethane leather which is artificial leather and considered vegan too. Accordingly, less non-renewable energy sources are utilized, and the ramifications are biodegradable too.

Whenever synthetic materials are used (for instance, because of the nature of specific footwear parts), they ought to be reused in any place possible to limit our carbon footprints. 

We work on an ambition to provide the best-quality footwear to our customers by not compromising our ethos to keep our environment healthy and glowing. 

A tip to remember:
To reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable fashion, one can decrease the number of buys. Many people buy new products every season and every year. This way you’re not contributing to sustainable fashion and hence, splurging on unnecessary things. A few tips in your shopping habits can collectively bring a huge change in our fashion industry ecosystem. 

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