February 2, 2022

Switch to Sustainable Fashion

We need to reconsider the manner in which we ponder fashion and the manner in which we consume.

Sustainable fashion is a term that is progressively utilized nowadays, as we as a whole become much more mindful of the genuine ecological effect of our garments and shoes. However, how a treats style really mean? To put it plainly, it’s an umbrella term for a fashion that is made and consumed in a manner that can be, maintained, while securing both the climate and those who are manufacturing the clothes.

Thus, to guarantee your closet is pretty much as reasonable as conceivable, here’s everything you want to know:

Purchase less

 It might be a banality, yet the mantra “purchase less and purchase better” is key when you look at that as an amazing 100 billion pieces of clothing are being delivered all around the world consistently. Prior to making a buy, ask yourself three immeasurably questions: “What are you purchasing and why? What do you truly require? Will you wear it somewhere multiple times?”

Attempt to veer away from purchasing that statement piece you realize you are simply going to wear for one event, and on second thought put resources into something with a long life span that you can wear over and over. Pick more adaptable pieces that can be styled in various ways, rather than that one thing you know will drop out of fashion instantly.

Purchase from Sustainable brands

Buying better can likewise mean supporting planners who are supporting sustainable practices, who all utilize upcycled materials in their products. Look for sustainable brands that are affordable as well as deliver the best quality which can be used for a long time. Do a little insightful work to observe a small bunch of brands you love and start from that point. Inevitably, you’ll have an entire host of names to shop from. 

Watch out for your washing

Washing our garments has a huge natural effect. The normal family does very nearly 400 heaps of clothing consistently, using around 60,000 liters of water. It additionally takes a ton of energy for washing clothes in hot water and runs the drying cycle. 

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Wash Full Loads
  • Wear it at least a time or two – Jeans, Tops, Dresses can be worn at least a few times prior to placing it in the washing machine
  • Utilize Green Detergents
  • Utilize Cold Water
  • Stay away from Dry Cleaning

Know the materials

Understanding the effect of materials is pivotal with regards to making more supportable buys. A decent guideline is to keep away from materials like polyester, as these are derived from petroleum products and require a long time to separate. Not all-normal materials are made something similar: natural cotton, for instance, utilizes altogether less water than regular cotton and doesn’t utilize hurtful pesticides.

Invest in Trans-seasonal fashion
Just purchase things that you know will work for you throughout the entire year. Try not to layout on a whole summer closet every year when you live in a cold and stormy area – you won’t breeze through the 30 wears test. All things considered, spend the main part of your cash on pieces that will see you through more than one season. Pants, T-shirts, e dresses, ageless covers, coats, shoes will make for a considerably more sustainable closet.


Giving your undesirable garments to a decent cause, rather than leaving them hanging in your closet, will help other people to be more economical. They will put resources into your old pieces, rather than purchasing a novel, new thing. An incredible method for doing this is to have a one-in, one-out policy – live by the mantra that each time you purchase something, you’ll give something.

Quality > Quantity

Everything revolves around planning. Purchasing better quality, more manageable pieces is probably going to set you back more cash than purchasing a modest street style piece that doesn’t mark the right boxes. In any case, everything without a doubt revolves around adjusting your attitude. Indeed, it costs more, yet you’re probably going to have it for longer and will purchase less per season generally speaking. Purchasing only a couple of great items a year, rather than bunches of less expensive, less eco-accommodating pieces, will drastically decrease your carbon impression. Essentially, set aside, contribute, and purchase less.

At Bereal, we are continually ideating and testing to make each part of every item more sustainable. Regardless of whether it is tied in with advancing natural substances, innovation, bundling, or whatever else, it is our consistent undertaking to make Bereal one stride nearer to sustainability! 

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