January 21, 2022

Our WFH weekly footwear

Yet again, the coronavirus has hit India the third time and we are all adjusting our schedule and attending meetings from home. Getting up from bed and calling out for meetings has definitely affected much of our productivity but dressing up again just like we used o go to the office can effectively boost morale and confidence. 

Your professional outfit can make your feel beautiful and create a work vibe. So let’s amp your wardrobe and add chic and stylish footwear for your work from days. They might uplift your everyday mood and improve your home productivity. 

Monday blues:

No matter how long your weekend is, you’ll definitely be going to feel Monday blues. A cup of coffee and fresh air work but getting ready to work into your cozy environment. It’s the time when you turn your formal to loungewear look. You can relax and feel cozy in them. Monday blues can be treated well in the comfort of your soft sandals. Here, we suggest you try the most comfortable and easy to slip on.

Tuesday treat:

Working on Monday can be hectic and boring. Then treat your Tuesday with glam-up footwear. Little too shine never hurt anyone. Pairing up your favorite dress with tie-up footwear is sure to rock your Tuesday. The week has just started and you don’t want to spoil your work mood. 


Wednesday vibe:

There are days when we should adjust to getting dressed up as many of us have to attend video calls with our work colleagues. We never acknowledge the amount we miss investing the energy into our outfit until we realize how great it can cause us to feel when you’ll see ourselves in the entire look. For the work-from-home outfit, you can pair these classic black heels for your video meetings. 


Thursday throwback:

The week is nearly at an end, you’re more disposed to simply need to relax with some pragmatic footwear, however you actually need that motivation for these two days that are passed on to work. In that case, we have a perfect option for you. This studded footwear will complete your stylish work-from-home outfit. From the look, they look classy and chic whereas the insoles are soft and perfect for long days. You don’t have to be worried about the distractions and irritation that some footwear cause. 

Friday feeling:

Fridays are generally the widely adored day of the week, regardless of whether we praise them as we did previously. While Friday feeling is all celebratory, why not think about embellished sandals? Embellished sandals will make you finish the week with a ton of energy to rejuvenate your mind. They are the sophisticated and classic pair for work from home footwear. 

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