January 11, 2022

Types of Heels that Every Woman Should Know

Despite what Marilyn Monroe said that heels are a woman’s dearest companion! The right sort of shoe can help your confidence, change your look and make heads turn when you go into the room. 

But the main question is: which ones are best for you? With regards to heels, the shoe aisles are more extensive than one may think. Regardless of what you want, from lavish stilettos, exquisite pumps, or sleek boots, you can be certain the world of design will take care of you. 

While picking your next pair of shoes, these are the various kinds of heels you should know.

Most of us can probably know a difference between two or three heels options, but in the world of fashion, there is an enormous wide variety of heels for one’s comfort and style. 

Block Heels

Block heels don’t look super stylish but they are the ones with utmost comfort. They distribute your body weight even on your toes and heel which makes them ideal for long wear. Thus, they take a little pressure on your forefoot which adds a star to their comfort. 

Cone Heels

Cone heels are quite similar to block heels but have a narrow and delicate tip. They have a sturdy base and come in different heights. This heel style is versatile and looks fabulous with boots.


Flare Heels

Just like our flared jeans, these heels gained popularity in the 70’s period. These are opposite of cone heels, with a slimmer base and wide at the bottom. These flare heels look exceptionally beautiful with knee-length dresses and skirts. 


High Heels

When someone talks about heels, we only end up imagining these high heels. These come in all styles and heights. The heels taller than the 4 inches fall into this category. Frankly, these are the most uncomfortable heels as they put a lot of pressure on the foot front and are unbearable to walk in. 


Kitten Heels

Just like the name suggests, these heels are smaller in height and pretty safe to wear long days. They don’t provide much height to a person but are a perfect choice for women who find it difficult to walk in high heels. 


Slim Heels

Slim heels are the sexiest heels of all. They are perfect for night-outs, dressy occasions, and birthdays. They are of the same width from base to bottom. Hence, not everyone’s cup of coffee manages these heels. 

Square Heels

Square heels, somewhat similar to block heels, are normally on the thicker side and rectangular in shape. This style looks stylish with pointed pumps but at the same time is frequently found on booties and other shoe models. These square heels are perfect for either a spicy or sweet mood. 

Comma Heels

This popular heel is, as the name uncovers, formed like a comma. The crescent-shaped heels are a style statement and definitely catch many eyes.


Cuban Heels

The Cuban heel is following the young men. They are commonly short to medium in stature and found on lower leg boots, Oxfords, loafers, and other shut shoes. While the heel is exceptionally strong by all looks, it can include a slight shape from start to finish.


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