January 6, 2022

Shoe Trends 2022

Life is a complete roller coaster. When there are moments of sorrow, there is a spark of joy as well. So, why dig in grief and feel unaccomplished? Celebrate every reason to be happy and look forward to the new year with new hope and ambition.

From gladiator sandals to sky-high stilettos, 2022 is a year of practical footwear. Wide heels with sensible heel heights, 2022 is about classic staples. From ballerinas to old-style granny shoes, collect these to make your shoe closet versatile. 

It’s quite evident from the outfit you choose for your feet is an indicator of your mood- whether leaning into your comfy zone or heading to parties. 

Let’s dig into the 2022 trends which you look and ace your styling game:

Wide for better days:

After being in lockdown and roaming around in comfy home slippers, it is time to hit the streets with sexy and yet practical heels that make a statement. A shaped and wide heels are so chic and comfortable for any time of the day. Fuschia pink to blush pinks, style any with your outfits. Having neutral and monochromatic colors in the closet is one of the safest tricks to play. Do you know why? Because you can easily play around and still look fabulous. 

No matter how many times you wear the same heels, you’ll look different and people around you won’t know that you’re wearing the same. 

Mid heels for every day:

Next on our list is mid heels. After so many days in sneakers, dressing up more in 2022 is away. Mid heels are fine and accentuate every outfit. Pair up these wide-legged jeans or pants, they look and feel beautiful. The unique shape diverts all the attention to itself. If you’re looking for one such piece, do opt for any basic color such as browns, blacks, or pastel. They pretty much complement everything. 

Sneakers to go:

If you’re someone who wants to ensure that comfort is the heart of every look, then sneakers are your choice. Sneakers have established a relaxed and cool era- in past, we have seen a trend of chunky and big ones but styling the old school sneaker is never going out of fashion. The insoles of these make them the utmost comfortable despite prolonged use. 

Casual or shopping day, these sneakers are go-to paired with denim, skirts, or even look great with formals. 

More into Classics:

We are learning more and more about classic pieces. We look at fashion with a glass of everything forever. Investing in classic pieces makes you look polished and bougie. From knee-high boots to wear with midi-skirts or with denim, loafers, and wedges for summers, these are some timeless styles that must be in everyone’s wardrobe.


White is the color of 2022. A color that makes you look clean, crisp, and chic. From white boots to your white heels, they complement Indian tones so beautifully. For that golden brown look, investing in whites is a great option. But whites can’t be kept white for long. Yes, with a few cleaning and maintaining hacks you can keep them just as new.  

Wearing white sandals with salwar kameez or white dreamy grown, one should experiment with their choices once in a while. 

Too many trends come and go but what makes us fashionable is the confidence we wear every day. 

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