January 1, 2022

Chicest Party Shoes for New Year’s Party

New Year’s Eve is more about manifesting the future with positive vibes than freezing in chill winter evenings. Start your new year with a fresh look by rejuvenating your wardrobe. But before that, getting an outfit is a must. Although, the outfit is the main killer and an amazing pair of heels is good to beat all.

Whichever pair of heels you pick ought to have a useful touch (exactly the number of gatherings did you say that you would join in?), that way you’ll experience no difficulty spreading bubbly cheer on the dance floor.

Whether you’re stepping out for an over-the-top party or keeping the low-key look, you’ll be a little dressed up to say hello to 2022. You’ve probably chosen your festive, sparkling dress for the new year’s party to rock your evening look. Yet, before you subject your feet to one more evening of stressed curves and squeezed shoes, consider slipping your feet into something somewhat more comfortable — yet no less stylish. This season there’s an abundance of party-favorable footwear with the oh-so-wow factor that has caused you a ton of pain yet don’t tumble down when it comes to style.

If you’re still not convinced that party shoes can be comfortable and chic, then keep scrolling to find too many options:

BeReal’s Olive Flats:

A gold-toned embellished flat with olive insoles are perfect for your evenings. If you’re someone who is more confident and comfortable in flats, then going ahead with these is a great choice. With padded insoles, it keeps your foot relaxed and what else you need when you can dance for hours and still feel fresh and breezy.


BeReal’s Blush Pink Salmon:

The tassel rope heels are the perfect pair of mid-length dresses. Whether you’re going on a brunch date or looking forward to making an expression, these blush pink tassel rope heels are the comfiest and chicest footwear online. No matter how you style your outfit, these heels will be a statement for sure.

BeReal’s Black Lady:

Who doesn’t love the black color? Anything in black is pure love. Black is a versatile color that can be paired and styled uniquely. You don’t have to ponder much on your styling quotient if you’re wearing black. These leatherette sliders with mini heels are perfect for both minimalistic as well heavy styles. Style these with denim or even with your eastern wear. Black and bold, a safe color to wear on your special occasion. 

BeReal’s Fur Queen:

You might be wondering why I have added fur slides to the list? Yes! It’s a great option to wear if you’re planning to host a pajama party. Going in heels to a pajama party is not a wise choice, instead of wearing one of these definitely matches the event. The comfy and soft fur insoles can be worn for long durations as well. And don’t forget to tag us on Instagram if you wear them with your cute pajamas.

BeReal’s Subtle bling:

If you’re someone who loves to get overboard with her looks, you might wear a blingy dress but wearing statement heels is a no-no. One of the best choices is to tone down your look by pairing the statement dress with subtle heels or neutrals. This way you balance out the look by adding the much-needed attention and at the time keeping the look minimalist.


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