December 11, 2021

 Christmas Lookbook: Hacks for comfortable and stylish days

It is the time of the year where bazaars are lit with fairy lights, shops are decorated with Christmas themes, and joy and happiness float in the air. And one thing which keeps nagging our mind is what to wear at Christmas party? 

A few days before Christmas you’ll find people running frantically to get their best possible outfit. And next question that immediately pops into every girl’s mind is what to choose: loyalty to trends or comfort in the cold. 

We say to pick both! Here’s a list of hacks for creating a quintessential Christmas look. These outfit ideas will keep you up-to-fashion and cozy in this holiday season. 

  • Embellished Sweater:

What’s the best time to introduce embellished sweaters to your wardrobe? Who doesn’t like to dazzle in your beautiful outfit while sipping a glass of wine? The idea to catch all eyes to the sequined sweater with simple lower is what we suggest first. Go out and explore what you like the most. Whether looking for sequins, studded stones, or pearl detailing, the choice is yours! For a simple and put-together look, look for embellishments on sleeves as you totally play around with different accessories to complete the overall look. 

  • Bomber Jackets:

One of the best purchases for the winter season. Versatile in weight, design, and style! Bombers are a great way to add an edgy element to your look and stay unbothered in the bitter cold. Available in solid colors, patterns, and designs with eye-catching hues to upgrade monochromatic looks. Whether styling these bomber jackets with skinny jeans or layering them on LBD, we suggest you invest in a quality piece for a good winter season. 

We girls love wearing heels on every occasion, whether going on date, wedding, or handing out with girl pals. Wearing boots is what most girls choose for winter parties but wearing embroidered heels to match the shimmer and glitter of the night. By just adding these kinds of heels to your outfit, you don’t need to out and loud with your outfit. Keep the look minimal and rock your every move. 

  • Leather Blazer:

Biker jackets are old, the leather blazer reigns supreme. The smoking new trend this winter season, leather blazers are an amazing way to stay stylish and warm in cold. Subtle and nude hues work best for daytime looks while saturated colors like olive green, black, and blues are best for nightly affairs. 

For an extra look, you can rock the overall leather look. Leather pants with the leather blazer and minimal gold accessories. Wow! So chic and classy!

For a more laid-back look, you pair your leather blazer with blue skinny jeans and black heels. 

  • Statement Knitwear:

Tis’ the season to offer expressions, tis’ the season to turn people’s head! Fun, verbose weaves are altogether the fury in this chilly climate when functionality and style interest to be joined forces up. Large thick knitwear in intriguing shading mixes and striking examples is ticking all design boxes this season, and we are so ready! Pair an amazing sweater with custom-made, thin bottoms and toss in certain heels just in case, and you’re prepared to shake a basic yet totally stylish look!

Party shopping requires extensive planning and research. But if have some hacks that can add ease to your shopping experience.

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