December 1, 2021

Winter-proof your favorite shoes

As the winter approaches and the temperature goes down, we want to keep our style quotient at the top. But with the cold and wet weather, make sure to winter-proof your shoes to keep your feet warm and footwear safe

Here’s a list of do-it-yourself hacks to warm and cozy feet:
Winter is all about cold and numb feet. No matter how long you wear your socks, you can keep your feet warm for long. But you can try this hack this winter.

  • Wool, being a natural fabric is a crazy insulator to work as insoles in shoes or winter boots. If you don’t own a woollen insole, then you can easily make one.   
  • Take a sheet of wool fabric. Taking an insole as a template, cut out one according to the measurement. And voila, you have a woollen insole without causing harm to your pocket.
  • Snow is not the one that can damage your boots, but keeping your boots waterproof is a must in winters. You can use waterproofing wax for your leather boots. Or you can use a water repellent spray but make sure to check the spray you choose for the material of the shoes.
  • When talking about the drying of shoes in the winter season, many people are tempted to use paper towels or stick to the heaters. But you should avoid doing any of those two. One of the effective ways is to stuff your shoes with old newspapers into each shoe. The moisture in the shoes is absorbed by the paper, leaving your shoes fresh and crisp for your next wear.

Keeping your winter clean and tidy is one of the tasks. Because of slush and mud on the roads, your shoes are left with stains and marks which are sometimes hard to be removed. We’ve listed a few effective ways to keep your shoe crystal clean:

  1. Brush them regularly: Use a soft bristle brush to clean up the dried mud from the shoes. Hard material can scuff or scratch the shoe which is a complete no-no for us. 
  2. Try to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes every day: Wearing a single shoe every day invites bacteria to build up. Having 3-4 options will help you to experiment with your look and your shoes won’t be worn out quickly. 
  • In winters, we all suffer from cracked heels, and trust us nobody wants to have those. You can soak up your feet in listerine, white vinegar, and warm water solution for tired and cracked feet.
  • Don’t roam around the house barefoot. Wear fuzzy socks for warmth and safety. If you don’t soak your feet in the water, you can apply vaseline on cracked heels and wear socks at the night. Next morning, your heels will be healthy and much soft.

As the winter has already knocked on our doors, you can use these tips and tricks to keep your shoe winterproof and protected.

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