August 31, 2021

The Right Footwear for every Mood

If clothes can make up a personality then footwear is a total game-changer. Just like our moods, we keep switching up our personalities as well. From cute schoolgirls to sexy babes, the right footwear is the icing on the top. It would be a misstep if your footwear doesn’t compliment your clothes.

Your footwear speaks your mood when you don’t wanna utter a word. Yes, it’s true. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your look. Let your footwear speak your aura. Mix and match different combinations to style up an outfit, then add a tint of spice through your footwear to amp up the vibe.

Have you ever noticed when you change your footwear, it completely transforms your personality? Because footwear is the basic accessory to change the everyday look. Comfortable footwear can amp up your outfit or bring it down in a jiffy, so why not have different footwear for different moods.

BeReal footwear believes that every woman must own different footwear for her personality and moods or at least one statement heel which does justice to her persona.

Sweet Schoolgirls :
Whenever you heard this term, you end up thinking about the boring white sneakers. Right? Imagine yourself going on date with your girlfriends and want to look presentable and cute. Styling up the flat strappy sandals with cute one-piece or skirts in a pastel color is to go for. If you want to wear an ethnic outfit, do style strappy kitten heels with ankle-length straight pants and a short kurti. Accessorize with silver jewelry and voila! You’re good to go.

Slip-on for laid back souls:
If you’re someone who doesn’t like to invest time in styling their outfits and has no time to pair up your clothes. Then, slip-on footwear is the best choice you have. Simply pairing these with ethnic clothing or denim, these are the comfiest and easiest footwear. Worry not when impromptu plans make you critical for your styling, just throw denim on denim look with these slip-on. Or you can totally take a baguette bag (trending nowadays) with the outfit.

Adventurous and Sporty Girl:
If you’re sporty and loves to enjoy your adventurous mood, then invest in sneakers or boots. These sturdy and travel-friendly shoes help you to breathe in your sporty soul. You can hit the roads in these or simply make a statement by wearing them in your office or college.

Workaholic woman:
Are you always working and feel sorry for not having time to shop? Having a classic black heel is a savior. Never in doubt, wear black. Whether going to work or attending a close friend’s wedding, these heels are an escape. Wear them with sarees or western wear. With the right amount of sparkle and shimmer, glam up your entire outfit. If you’re buying for office purposes, do consider the block or chunky heels as they being the comfiest.

So girls. Go! Treat yourself to new pair of footwear as what your mood is today. BeReal Footwear has a wide range from flats to heels, and let your mood speak your choice.

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