August 4, 2021

Quick tips for healthy feet in Monsoon!

Monsoon is a blessing from the blazing heat. Where rain blooms the mood and lifts the miserable moments but also drives skin infections and swollen feet.

Styling is a bit adventurous but keeping your feet healthy and happy must be your priority.

Stinking and wrinkled-looking feet are among the many problems that the monsoon brings with itself. So, taking extra care of your feet is necessary. By neglecting foot care, afflictions such as fungal infection, cracked feet, itching and many other allergies are caused. 

By considering some foot care habits, you can keep your foot happy and healthy:
In the monsoon season, roads are full of potholes that are filled with dirt and muck. Stepping into any puddle can cause infections and skin diseases. So avoid going out during rains.

Keeping your feet dry and clean is a key to healthy feet. Wet feet are uncomfortable and more prone to itching and wrinkled feet. Wearing wet socks or shoes for a long duration leads to swollen feet which are vulnerable to skin infections. Always keep an extra pair of socks with you and if possible, taking an extra pair of shoes is welcomed. 

As the cold breeze rejuvenates the mind and soul and walking barefoot on wet grass and floor is tempting. Refrain from going barefoot as you might end having warts and blemishes on the skin.

It might sound unusual but wash your feet as soon as you reach home from outside. Soak your feet for 10 mins in antiseptic solution and lukewarm water and wash them. Pat dry and moisturize them with cream. Moisturizing keeps the feet hydrated and soft. Do it every time you wash your feet. 

Investing in anti-fungal products such as talcum powder is a must in monsoon season. Apply the talcum powder before wearing the socks. It keeps the skin infection free and refrains the feet from getting sweaty and smelly. 

Keep your toenails clean by scrubbing and trimming them regularly. Overgrown invited grime and dirt that accumulates inside the toenails and provide a breeding area for various infections. Keep them trimmed and filed.

Wear breathable and lightweight footwear in monsoon season. Footwear such as flip-flops, rubber flats, and closed toes sandals should be preferred as they get dried quickly and don’t require a hectic cleaning process. Expensive or embroidered footwear is a no-no as they get damaged in rainwater and repairing them might pick a hole in your pocket. Some footwear styles are a total lifesaver and are perfect for your formal as well as a casual look.

Fabrics shoes do protect your feet from grime and dirty water but drying them takes days and leaves your feet stinky and swollen. For swollen feet, soak them in vinegar or Epsom salt for relieving pain and swelling.

Monsoon is in full swing in India and this is the time to put in extra effort and time to take care of your feet. If you don’t have time just remember to CLEAN, DRY, AND MOISTURIZE religiously.

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