July 22, 2021

From Dapper to Dashing: The Ultimate Guide To Monsoon Shoes

As we say bid adieu to melting summers and planning to get back to office space in the monsoon. Where monsoon blooms the melancholy mood, it also brings grimy shoes inside. In hassle to keep the surroundings clean, footwear needs to be maintained accordingly in order to hold them in good shape and size.
So, with some styling tips and hacks, you can easily solve every footwear problem when it rains outside. 

When it’s pouring outside and we also fret about ruining our footwear. And one of the thoughts we keep pondering is what to wear to the office and how not to ruin them?

Here are some of the styles that are perfect for formal wear:

Wedges: If you are someone who loves to flatter those heels, then wearing hedges is a fabulous option to wear to the office. Because of the adequate heel height and shape, you’re able to walk on slippery floors. Wedges also make it effortless to jump over a puddle. So, when styling your formal trousers, choosing neutral shades are chic and gives an illusion of longer legs. One of the must-have heels in a women’s wardrobe. 

Platform Heels: Not all women find their comfort in the heels. Platform heels are painless heels, adding the right amount of height. The body weight is uniformly distributed, providing better support while walking. One of the perks of wearing platform heels is that the water doesn’t touch your feet as well. Wearing flats in monsoon season can make your feet grimy and dirty. So, take care of your feet is vital.

Block Heels: If you’re looking for heel options then adding block heels in your monsoon essential is a must. These heels give exceptional support, unlike the stilettos. A great option to wear at formal spaces during monsoon or any season.

Patent Ballerinas: Whether flats or heels, ballerinas are chic and comfiest. When styled with a formal suit or casually, it all binds up the look altogether. Being closed toes, prevent your feet from getting soaked in water and hence protecting them from getting infected. From trousers to ethnic suits, you can style these ballerinas with all. Neutral colors should be preferred as they can tone down the bright colors and beautifully compliments the pastels’ colors as well. 

Flip on Flats: If you’re someone who is always in a hurry, slip-on shoes or flats can be your escape. Flats with non-slip soles should be considered as they provide better support and firmness on wet floors. Wearing with kurtis or jeans, these are great for running errands. 


Footwear to avoid in Monsoons:
Kohlapuris: Kohlapuris should be packed in the rainy season and totally avoided. The rainwater ruins the kohlapuris and can’t be wear for the next time. 

Rubber Slippers: The everyday rubber slippers are extremely slippery. They stick to the wet floor and make them difficult to walk. Going for an inexpensive plastic slip-on for daily wear.


Stilettos: These pointy heels are uncomfortable and have a higher chance of wet floor mishaps. Various other heels should be looked upon in rains.

With rain, feet and footwear require maintenance. Soaking your feet in baking soda water removes dead skin and exhibits the growth of bacteria. This further eliminates the smell from your feet. Head to the blog where a detailed monsoon footwear guide has been given.   

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