July 15, 2021

5 flats sandals to style up everyday outfits

Being completely honest with us, wearing heels on an everyday basis is unimaginable. Though they look absolutely stunning but styling heels is painful and not so comfortable. 
Trading one’s comfort for a pair of heels is not a wise decision. Rather styling up your flat sandals is a ‘win-win’ situation. From easy to relaxed fit, flat sandals for girls and women can be worn with accessories for every occasion and season.

In India where summers dominate throughout the year, flat sandals can be styled in the spring and autumn seasons as well. Different styles of flats are:

Cork Sandals

Long days and endless memories captured on the beach are what bring to us the first style of flat sandals: Cork sandals. A perfect pair for your beach vacations. Whether you’re heading to Maldives or Andamans Islands or any other beachy place after getting your jabs, cork sandals are designed for sand. Sunscreen, sandals, and sundress are womens’ essentials.
They look amazing in photographs whether clicking for social media or capturing moments. Available at an inexpensive cost at berealshopping.

If you’re someone who lives at the bay of beach, then you should buy these for everyday wear. Wearing shorts with tropical prints and cork sandals is what we imagine about a beachy look.

Laced Up Sandals
Another style of flat sandals for women to add to their shoe closets. From long maxi dresses to high-waisted jeans, lace-up sandals are the comfiest and keep the foot in shape. If you’ve just started college or looking for a comfortable pair for running errands, then investing in one of these is a smart choice. Buying a nude or black color that goes with every outfit. Investing into pieces that don’t require much prep and thought, and lace-up flats are one of those.
If your style has a laid-back and minimalist vibe, then sticking to these ones is an apt choice.

Slip-on flat sandals 

Being busy and timely is what best escribe your life then slip-on flat sandals are a match made in heaven.  No lace to tie and no buckle up the shoes, simply slip your feet into your shoes. Haha. A little too much but it is best described. Isn’t it?
Slip-on flat sandals are easy to wear and are feasible for every day. Running late for coffee or have a lot on your to-do list, these flat sandals are in trend and can be worn by moms and daughters. 

Bohemian Flats
Add a pop of color to any basic outfit to make it interesting and vibrant. Bohemian flats are all about color, embroidery and style. Find hard to style your ethnic kurtas or plain outfits, then including these bohemian flats will amp your look. 

Hand embroidered and thread work slippers look elegant and sophisticated. The best way to spice up any outfit is through footwear. These are super comfy and a way to add some zest to an outfit while you’re heading out the door.

Strappy sandals
One of the trendiest styles of footwear, from influencers to celebrities everyone seems rocking these. Neon to nudes, these look absolutely gorgeous in every possible shade. Comfortable and chic. Strappy shoes are unimaginably feminine and pair wonderfully with each summer outfit. On the off chance that you need to spruce up an outfit, pair it with strappy sandals. Or then again, in case you’re on the chase for something you can wear every day, then attempt to discover strappy footwear that is either flat sandals or has a low heel. 

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