July 4, 2021

From drab to fab on a rainy day!

The monsoon is just around the bay and a time to get drench in the season of happiness. A relief from the soaring summer heat, and relish the crispy pakoras and tea and the smell of damp soil. Smearing mascara to vicious stains on the white shirt, the fashion hassles in rain are endless.
Are wearing those chunky shoes the only solution left? Ah! Don’t fall into the trap. After all, we want to look cute as well. Gumboots can be your choice but here’s a guide to look drab to fab even in monsoon season.

Keep it till the knees
There are endless times when we have skillfully dodge the puddles but still, we might end up having those stubborn stains on our pants. What keeping us to prevent these mishaps and look classy is to wear the clothes to the knees. High-waisted shorts, skirts, or midi-dress can be looked upon. And if you want to wear pants, then it’s is advisable to wear cropped ones to keep it up to your calf.

Show off your printed scarf
Take out your not-so-used scarves in the rainy season. From printed, botanical or geometric patterns scarves are essentials in styling any outfit. A cute hack to look elegant as well as to protect your hair from rain droplets. Scarves complement every outfit. You can use it to wrap around your neck from the cold breeze or use it as a head covering when it rains. Style them in numerous ways.

Choose lightweight fabric
When you’re getting ready for monsoon days, wisely decide the type of fabric to wear. Lightweight fabrics such as cotton, chiffon are ideal to wear in rains as they won’t get damaged and are quick to dry. Heavier fabric such as denim gets wet and expensive fabric like silk is prone to mangle.


Bright colors for dull days
An overcast day is enough to add shades of grey, so bright up with some bold and colorful outfits. Add a splash of sunshine to grab the eyeballs and to be a fashion spotlight. Dark shades like blue, purple complement the dark skies while pastel tones should be avoided to keep the stains away.

Pair up your ethnic pieces
Who says you can’t style up your ethnic kurtas in monsoon seasons. It might not be as manageable as a white tee and pants but they can be the comfiest and stylish piece. Just customize your outfit in accordance with the weather outside. Cotton kurta with cropped pants will keep you cool and easy breezy.

Always go for ballerinas and flip flops
Most of the time we don’t consider how footwear can be responsible for slipping on the roads. Sometimes you’re greeted with unpredictable rain which led you to jump over poodles or walk cautiously to avoid slipping o wet roads. Wearing heels or uncomfortable footwear will only add to the inconvenience and trouble. The same goes for leather shoes which can get tarnish easily in monsoon season. Opting for washable and anti-slip footwear helps in barring the messy situation. Some monsoon hacks come in handy to increase the durability and condition of your shoes.

Umbrella= Fun Accessory
I recall one of the childhood memory of our grandpa carrying a long stick black umbrella. Now, nobody wants to use them. So dull and boring. Right? Bright and fun-loving umbrellas are easy to accessorize with polka dots and many eccentric designs.  



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