June 30, 2021

 Everyday Styling Tips

In the digitalized world where everything is available at the touch of your fingertips. And people on social media have widely helped in finding everyday inspiration ideas. Whether styling simple white sneakers to everyday denim jackets, ample blog posts are available online. Social media has evolved and unfold new fashion dynamics.

Sometimes, we simply couldn’t figure out how to dress for everyday errands or meetings. Then, many celebrity stylists and fashion enthusiasts come to the rescue and so is our blog.

The following everyday styling tips create a better and chic closet to enhance your styling techniques.

Get your important pieces tailored:
Tailoring is important when you’re looking for a crisp and fit look. Well-tailored pieces leave a lasting impression. It’s one of the basic rules of styling. From blazers to your little black dress, your pieces should fit you correctly and accentuate your curve to create an enduring impact.

Denim is everlasting:
One of the versatile clothing piece which can be styled in numerous ways. Pairing with solid tees or an embellished top, denim is everyone’s go-to choice. A well-fitted denim pair is hidden gems that totally boost your confidence and uplift your diva spirit. From casuals to dressy looks, invest in lightweight and good quality denim to rock in every season.

Black & White: A colorful combo
A color blend that always stays in style. From Kareena Kapoor’s airport look to Blake Lively’s red carpet outfit, this color pair will sure to ace your styling tips. Whenever in doubt, just pair black and white that fits the moment. One tip that can come in handy is to style according to your body type. If you have a pear shape body, always wear black lower to accentuate your lower body. And heavier chest girls can wear black tops to shape up their curves.

Wear the fitted undergarments
This is one of the less emphasized styling tips that women follow. Wearing the correct body fit undergarments will insulate you from embarrassing moments. Ill-fitted ones will itch, tingle your body, and gives an undesired shape.

Wear the correct sized shoes
Most of the women are not aware of their shoe size. They end up buying a size bigger or smaller than their actual size. Wearing uncomfortable size and height heels make your feet painful and distressed. Measuring your foot is an easy-peasy task, so do it whenever you’re going to shoe shopping.

Accessories – a game-changer
Learn how to change the complete look of an outfit with different accessories. Take away the stilettos and the red lips, add some sneakers, a ponytail, and hoops and you’ve got a more casual outfit to enjoy. Learn how to use accessories to mix up and change your clothes! 

Keep it monochromatic
An experimental styling tip you can give a try. Monochromatic outfits look chic and elegant. Whether going out with pastels shades or with browny tones, these outfits look bomb when styled for a formal or casual look. Play around and see which all color suits you.

Invest in Handbags
One accessory on which you should be handbags. They do worth extra money. The good-quality handbag will stay in shape for years. And can be styled with most outfits. Save and splurge on the one purse you’ve been daydreaming about.

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