June 19, 2021

5 mistakes to avoid while styling your footwear

Getting ready for any special occasion requires time. And putting a well-thought outfit together is not at all complete without a good pair of shoes. Bags and shoes are the best accessories to jazz up any outfit. And with the cool styling ideas, you can even shine in the laid-up look as well. So, avoid these mistakes while styling your favorite footwear:

Avoid Pointy heels with flared pair of pants:
As 90’s vintage fashion trousers are making a comeback, styling them can be a little tricky. But if you have been following any stylist, you have seen how these flared pants look put together with chunky or boot-cut heels. If these pants are styled with pointy stilettos, then there are chances that you might stick in your own pants and trip. 

Going all out with chunky sneakers is a cool option as well. Whether bright or basic colors, sneakers compliment most of the outfit looks.

Matching socks with the shoes:
It’s a complete no when pairing the color of the socks to the color of shoes, a cardinal rule of fashion is not to be avoided. Socks are considered to be undergarments and are best concealed. This rule mainly goes for men but women can also keep this in mind while styling formal suits.
Ideally, you can match the color of socks with the trousers for a more crisp look. The reason behind this is logical as you might have to take your shoes off and socks will be exposed, so socks should match the trousers for a more well-thought outfit. 

Avoid open-toe shoes with formals:
While styling formal attire, always remember to pair neutral colored and closed toes footwear. Closed-toe heels or loafers in basic nude tones can opt for. Bright or eye-catchy colors will only draw attention towards your feet. Simple and chic footwear should be your office go-to.

Avoid over-accessorizing:
Many have a misapprehension that the more you accessorize, the more stylish you look. Don’t add too many elements to your outfit. To make a statement with minimal effort and minimal accessories.
While styling a formal look, pair your nude heels with dainty jewelry. If you going to a night-time wedding function, more bright and blazing colors are a way to go. But most of the time, we all end up wearing black. Why? First, it looks good on every woman and second is, we never invest in bold colored shoes. Bold colors will save you from getting stuck in ‘nothing to wear’ situations.

Wear comfy shoes for daily commute:
Running errands or going out for street shopping, opt for comfort over style. Be it college or office, avoid wearing leather shoes in monsoon as they will get spoil after getting wet. Leather needs special care and attention. If it’s important to wear then keep a spare of pair f footwear for daily commute. Sneakers and canvas shoes are best for daily wear. They are comfiest and can be styled in numerous ways.
Don’t hesitate to invest in good-quality sneakers.

So, keep these points in your mind to enjoy your walk and keep presentable at the same time. 

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