June 15, 2021

5 bold and bright color shoes that should be in your wardrobe!

How many shoes are enough for a woman? We swear that every woman has asked this herself in her lifetime shopping experience.

Whenever I came across a cute pair of shoes, I just want to add to our never-ending shoe collection. Desire to own every color in my shoe wardrobe, and end up picking the colors that can be styled with almost every outfit is missed.

Most women own a wide array of shoes with different colors and styles while some rock their one pair that provides comfort and elegance.
Bold colors tie up the whole feminine and sexy look, and here are five colors that you should own.

When I talk about bold colors, how can I not mention black? An OG color that is super versatile and classic. Be it a black pump or formal ballerina, black is perfect for each and every occasion.
When in doubt, wear black. The classic black footwear looks stunning and elegant with every outfit. If you’re someone who believes in sustainability, then investing in good quality black heels or flats will save your time in thinking about what to pair with what. With a variety of vegan options available today in the market, these are environment-friendly and don’t pick a hole in your pocket.

No woman has said no to red lips and red heels! Red is a complete stunner, especially in red pumps. From wedding lehenga to little black dress, red heels are a staple in the wardrobe. From scarlet red to crimson red, this bold color rules every event.
If you want to rock this color to an office or for a casual stroll to the market, then red flats are enough to conquer wild red in submission. But if you’re going out with your significant one on a date night, then red pumps push you to the realm of sexiness.

Neon is the absolute head tuner for any event. Whether it’s neon sneakers or neon strappy heels, this eye-catchy is the color of the season. Neon color dresses, heels and sneakers are all over the internet. They are not only attention-grabbing but totally Instagram-worthy.

If you want to jazz up your outfit, adding a pair of neon-colored footwear to create a dramatic yet sexy look. Black dress with neon heels is the match made in heaven. Pairing up neon heels with the same colored handbag is another styling tip you can consider.

Hot Pink
Oh! Another bold & bright color that has been ruling the internet these days. If you want to experiment with your outfits and want to invest in unusual pieces. And adding a pair of hot pink sandals can be your start.

Wearing these with an all-white outfit or simply tieing the look with pastel colors, hot pink sandals will be going to steal the show. If you’re looking for some inspiration to style your hot pink sandals, then Pinterest is the place to surf.
Or you have shopped your hot pink sneakers but little hesitant to style these. Here are some outfit inspirations.

One of the easiest bold colors to pull off. Nah, I’m not talking about navy blue but the one which catches everyone’s eye. The royal and deep blue is absolutely gorgeous for any occasion. Whether you pair it with pastels or bright colors, blue makes every outfit beautiful and luxurious.

Even if you want to nail the monochromatic look, then the blue color is the one to opt for. Keeping the minimal accessories and voila you’re ready for casual brunch, office or even a date.

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