June 7, 2021

Vegan Footwear: A way to Sustainable Future

As the season changes, our shoe collection changes as per our comfort and style choices. But our preferences are affecting the planet’s health as well. How? Consumption of leather-made shoes to level up our styling game has increased drastically in the past few decades.

Slipping into vegan shoes that are made up of recycled material, is introduced for sustainable fashion. There have been many arguments that vegan shoes are expensive, not trendy, or not even aesthetic for styling clothes. But these arguments are falling into the wayside as new designs are available in the market, hence making these vegan options more pocket-friendly.

From fashionistas to sneaker suckers, sports giants such as Adidas and Nike are lined their productions and launches. Even in India, many footwear brands started to deliver vegan footwear, hence creating a leather-free market. BeReal footwears are vegan and made up of recycled material.

Owning two or three pairs of shoes contribute towards the eco-cognizant endeavors will step up the worldwide efforts. Buyers are happily accepting vegan products and welcoming this in the apparel, footwear, and beauty industry. The industries are searching for new means to promote sustainable and environment-friendly fashion so that the industries can survive and flourish for a long.

British designer Stella McCartney became the first vegan luxury label in 2001. Her label averts from using leather and fur without compromising the design and quality of the products.

BeReal is one such brand that has been delivering vegan products, made up of leather alternatives such as cotton, hemp, and fabrics in our collections. With eclectic designs, Bereal is playing its part to promote eco-conscious methods to manufacture footwear.

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