May 28, 2021

Monsoon Footwear Guide!

Chic, Cool and Comfortable! That should be on your list while shopping for monsoon footwear.

Yes! Rainy days are back! The feeling of sipping hot coffee or chai with some pakoras while watching your favorite television series or movie, and spending all day in a blanket is wallop. Moments of joy to cherish!

But the unpleasant part of the rainy season is when you have to get out from home and there is not much room to style up your outfits.

The mantra behind the monsoon footwear is to look for ‘easy to wear and easy to dry’ options. Fancy and studded footwears should be avoided and light-weight and open toes should be welcomed. Some of the comfortable and cool footwear are flip-flops, clogs, crocs and rubber sandals that are lightweight as well as breathable.

Here’s a quick guide that will help you to buy monsoon footwear and which style can be your :

Flip flops are comfortable and easy to maintain footwears. They are cheap and you can easily walk on slippery wet floors without the fear of breaking your bones. Flip flops are breathable and easy to dry and can be styled with casual t-shirts and loose shorts. Say no to closed toe slippers as they harbor germs and can bad odor to your feet.

Rubber Footwear:
Rubber shoes are the best options for the monsoon seasons. Available in different styles, you can go for the one which catches your eye. These are inexpensive and come with great durability. So, you don’t need to invest in different footwear in the very rainy season.
Rubber slippers can be an extra pair which can be thrown into a carry bag or cars. When it suddenly rains, you don’t have to worry! Just pull out these and save your expensive yet ‘not-so monsoon friendly’ footwears.
Though they are easy to maintain, make sure to take care of these well.

If you find flip flops to be too casual, then getting hands on sandals can be your choice. They are perfect to style with skirts, ethnic wear or even with daily tees. If you like to keep toes open, strappy sandals are what you call. These are great investments and can be worn even in the summer season as well.

While buying a monsoon footwear, keep these points in mind to get the best style:

Comfortable: Never sacrifice your comfort. Wearing uncomfortable footwear will keep you irritated throughout the day. Option for wave-inspired outsoles are water friendly and offer great breathability.

Odor Resistant: In the rainy season, footwear takes time to get dry which can harbor unpleasant smell in them. There are few hacks and tips which you can follow to keep them fresh-smelling or simply look for footwears with odor resistant properties.

Waterproof Footwear: No matter how much you like that slipper, if it’s not waterproof just don’t buy it for the monsoon. Waterproof footwear eases the cleaning and drying part. Fabric footwear takes a huge time to get dried and if not dried properly, then it can be home for fungus infections. In the case of leather shoes, these require more maintenance.
Waterproof footwears are easy to clean and wash.

Lightweight: Whenever shopping for monsoon footwear, don’t buy huge and chunky slippers. They will just make your situation worse. Going with clogs or crocs which have great ventilation ports to increase breathability and are super lightweight. Rubber boots can be your option as well as they are light, easy to clean and maintain. 

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