May 18, 2021

A Guide for Brides to choose their Perfect footwear for their D-day!

Can’t wait to enjoy and dance on your D-day with your loved one? Well, choosing a right pair of footwear adds comfort, joy and energy for the day.

Indian weddings are so much more than eating and dancing. Traditions, ceremonies and never-ending rituals. From getting the perfect dress to the matching bridal footwear and accessories, brides leave no stones unturned to look absolutely stunning for their D-day. With long & heavy outfits and so-much hustle is going around, brides might get tripled in uncomfortable footwear.

The footwear market is filled with endless choices from stilettos, wedges, ballerinas to juttis and mojaris. But finding a perfect footwear is a bit of a hassle. While choosing your bridal footwear, make sure to prioritize comfort and your personal style. Your bridal attire is definitely going to steal the show but your footwear will add space of comfort and fashion.

Every girl wishes to walk down the aisle with her king in those fancy footwear and take the vows for eternity.

Footwear styles that can consider while buying your pair :

Who doesn’t love to wear these high heels devils? Stilettos are the most loved and worn among all the heels. The 4 to 6 inches heels will add a right pinch of colour to your outfit and don’t shy away from receiving compliments.
But no matter how stunning these stilettos look, they are not really the most comfortable heels that you will pick but shoe inserts can help a lot to bear the pain. Or using transparent silicone ones provide comfort so the bride can enjoy and dance freely.

Kitten Heels
As the name suggests, these heels are comparingly shorter than stilettos. They have a high quotient of comfort as they equally distribute the pressure on toes and heel. Kitten heels are ideal choice for functions like Sangeet or dance night when brides can dance in full swings without worrying about their feet. 
Every bride must own kitten heels in their wedding vanity.

If wearing high heels is not your thing, then a pair of wedges can be your escape. These are the comfiest and stylish footwear, providing optimum height and ease. By distributing the weight equally, they are the most relaxed fit footwear for your wedding functions.
For wedding functions, choose one with embellishments or embroidered to match with every outfit of yours.

Block Heels
Block or chunky heels are one the comfortable heels available. If you want to have a height and don’t want to feel uncomfortable, then opt block heels for your D-day. These heels go well with both Indian and western outfits and can make any outfit chic and hip. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to experiment with heels then going with bridal flats is something you can explore. From slip ons to embellished flats, the market is flooded with beautiful yet so chic designs. In flats you won’t have to worry about tripping or hurting your feet.


Footwear that connects us to Punjabi roots, mojris can be preferred if you’re looking for something traditional. Embroidered, embellished and customized jootis are available everywhere in India. With such vibrant and fancy colors, brides must add these to their wedding collection. Simply pairing these with traditional salwar kameez or wearing these with Indo-western outfits, jootis will surely amp your outfit vibe.
Wearing these on mehandi or haldi function and match colors and comfort together.

With so many options available from heels to flats, brides can buy their bridal footwear as per their comfort experience. We suggest you keep changing the footwear styles throughout the different functions so you won’t get any blisters or sore feet. 
Simply following some heel hacks, you can save your feet from suffering.

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