May 16, 2021

Best Ways to store your Shoes.

Season is changing and it’s time to reorganize your shoe wardrobe. With the new season rolling it, you need to reevaluate your shoes for easy access to everyday essentials. Whether winding down from colder to warmer days or switching from flip-flops to leather boots, you have to store them carefully without squishing them out of shape.

With the tips given below, you’ll find it easy to store women’s shoes until you need them again:

Before jumping into storing your shoes, make sure to inspect them. Why? Carefully look if your shoes are in good condition? Will you wear these pairs of shoes next season? Do these fit you perfectly? Are the soles of shoes in good shape? For any of these questions, if you have to think twice just retire them. If the sole is worn out, maybe it’s time to toss them. If you’re tired of flattering looking stilettos, say goodbye.

Yes! Segregation can make the organizing – a less time consuming. Segregate your shoes if you don’t want them. We all have those pairs of shoes we actually never wore. Be it a 6-inch heels or chunky sneakers, they all are occupying your closet space. So let’s make room for new pairs of shoes. 
You can recycle or donate those pairs you don’t wear. Donate to local charitable organizations that work for underprivileged families. Your discarded shoes might be Cinderella’s pair for someone.
After evaluating and segregation your shoe collection, decide which pairs you want to keep.

Before starting, we’ll recommend you to clean the shoes which you’re keeping. They should be cleaned or repaired (if required) so that you’re ready to wear them next season. Using a gentle cleaner, any spots on the fabric of the shoes can be cleaned. While using a toothbrush dipped in soapy solution, rubber shoes can be cleaned.
In case of leather shoes, take them to a local cobbler for any repairs or just getting them polished.
While storing your shoes, we’ll suggest you use clear plastic bags/boxes. The bags will keep the shoes dust and bugs free away from the fabric. And you can easily see which bag has which shoes. You won’t have to raid your closet every time you need a shoe!
You can add any fragrant sachets to each shoe to keep them odor free. Or adding neem leaves can be also considered as they are anti-bacterial.

Storing your Summer Shoes
Summer shoes mainly consist of flip-flops, sandals or flats. These are generally light-weight and don’t require much of space. You can easily stored with these unique ideas:

Door Organizer:
As flats and flip-flops can be hung on the back of the room door using plastic pockets. You can find these plastic pockets at any mega mart or online at affordable cost as well.

Drawers can be space saviors if things are arranged systematically. You can even store your heels in these to avoid unnecessary damage.

Storing your Winter Shoes
As compared to summer shoes, winter shoes are generally bulkier and heavier, so you have to creatively utilize every space to store these.

Under the Bed:
If you don’t want anyone to see your shoes, try sliding them under the bed. Easy DIY option is available using wine crates. No need to invest in buying storage wardrobes. 

Pegged Coat Racks:
Knee-high boots, ankle boots or uggs can take up much space, so why not to store these vertically. Install these pegged coat racks in your shoe wardrobe or your room.

More Storing Ideas for any Season:

Storage Ottoman:
If your apartment doesn’t have much space for more drawers or racks, then getting a storage ottoman is a great option.

Plastic Container:
If you don’t want to invest in a shoe closet, then get these plastic containers for a quick seal and can be stacked up anywhere without the fear of water damage.

Keep Shoes in Bucket:
If you have a collection of sneakers, and don’t know where to stack these. Then store these in a bucket.

Free Standing Racks:
Freestanding racks can store as many shoes and can be rolled into a closet or dressing room.

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