May 12, 2021

5 Must haves in your Shoe Collection

Stocking up the feathery, glittering and sparkly heels are definitely ‘not’ your essential footwears. They are alluring to buy and a great choice to maintain Instagram aesthetics but ain’t practical in testing times. But when it comes to comfortable style, we are certainly sure you would pick up house slippers, sneakers or chunky sole sandals.

Here, we have chosen five shoes you must have for your footwear collection:

White Sneakers
Sneakers are the ultimate investment. They are perfect to kill any outfit look. Whiter sneakers are versatile that can be almost paired up with casual to work wear. Even if we’ve a million options to choose from, we would always pick white sneakers for running errands, grocery shopping or even going on a movie date.
To make any outfit cool and effortless, just add white sneakers. Voila! Not much of styling required. You can style your sneakers in a number of ways, pairing it with a maxi dress or just call it with a blazer-trouser look.

Neutral heels
From formal to evening weddings, the nude pair of heels is a must have in every woman’s wardrobe. If you’re following any styling guru or fashion bloggers, they must have already emphasized how you can use a single pair of neutral heels with different outfits. They are delicate and flattering, giving legs a longer appearance.

Investing into good quality neutral heels will save from the times when you’ll be stuck between many choices or ‘no’ choices at all. They can be styled with different outfits from black dresses to tapered trousers. Have you ever caught up in a situation when you’ve to attend a formal meeting and a desi wedding on the same day? We have, many times! So, you must be hustling around with 2-3 pairs of footwear. Right? Neutral heels are the best of both worlds. They will add that much needed spice to your desi outfit and a little bit of sophistication to your work look.

Strappy Sandals
Summers are here and so are strappy sandals! Not all love to wear chunky sneakers in scorching heat. Right? Strappy sandals are a perfect warm weather footwear which can be styled from denims to salwar kameez.
Available in a bright as well as pastel colors, these strappy heels will add that extra volume of ‘oomph’ in your outfit.
Going for a minimalist outfit look for a day wedding, simply pair these strappy heels with a silk nude gown. Lightly accessories and Voila! You are good to go.

Underrated? Infamous? Yes, flats are the least preferred footwear when it comes for styling these for an occasion. But, you can’t deny the fact how comfortable and chic they are.  From ballerinas to strappy flats, you can create Instagram-worthy outfit looks. From styling flats for office to pairing up these for girls day out, you can go ahead without a second thought. They are the coolest addition to your shoe collection. Colorful, patterned, neutral – pick any which makes your heart sing. 

Classic loafers
For years, loafers have been a wardrobe staple for both women and men. They are versatile enough that can be paired with skirts, trousers or with your blue denim jeans. Wearing them on relaxing Sunday getaways to hectic Monday meetings, a perfect companion for your happy feet. Classic loafers are available with a variety of designs from rhinestones to sequin, from plain to patterned styles, it’s you call which one to select. They instantly amp up your look and make it more put together. If it’s your first time investing in a loafer, then we’ll suggest you buy a classic loafer. Wear it with any outfit and you’ll shine girl!


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