May 6, 2021

Tips and Tricks to Choose the Right Pair of Heels.

In the world of glitters and shimmers, many of us have made impulsive buys. From fancy Louboutin to casual sneakers, women have splurged a lot of money in getting their Cinderella pair. Getting a beautifully crafted shoe with a perfect fit is what all women desire for their special occasions. Whether it’s your first day in the office or preparing for your D-day, heels eventually uplift your mood and boost confidence. Because of some uncanny choices, in some part of life, we have made our feet suffer. 

Picking the quality and beautiful heels can be set side by side with artistic flair. Strolling into the shoe store, you must have a clear vision of what you are looking for instead end up buying an exquisite and charming-looking pair.   

Sore feet, pain, and blisters will not be your footwear’s friends. Say goodbye to these blisters and pain. Through our research, Belle & Boots has found out nuances that can help buy your next pair.

  • Always choose the right size/ choose the size of the larger foot. While purchasing your next pair, try an ample number of heels and settle for the one in which both your feet feel the most comfortable.
  • Say No to distressing heels. Even if they look too extravagant to have, just turn your head away if they are uncomfortable. 
  • While trying a pair of heels, make sure to squeeze them, there shouldn’t be any deformation. A delicate heel will list rapidly and will bother you throughout the day.
  • Balanced and Stability of heels must be your pre-requisite while making a new purchase. When you try high-platform heels, press the midfoot. If the heels slide back, then it’s an open sign not to purchase them if you’re set up to face such downsides as an unstable walk.
  • Should be little care about the flexibility of the sole. Take one heel in one hand, and attempt to twist its toe part with the other. A deficient flexible sole may result in quick exhaustion or rapid fatigue. 
  • We encourage you to look for new shoes in the late evening. At the end of the day, our feet become marginally swollen. This implies that a couple of shoes that fitted you completely in the first part of the day may feel too close at night. Better to look at this issue from the beginning, and pick heels that will feel great nonstop!
  • For everyday wear, opt the heels with one and a half-inch height or block heels as they are comfortable and distribute the body weight equally. Kitten Heels can also be preferred. 
  • A length of less than 3 cm is ideally considered between the sole and the heels. The lesser the distance, the less the stability, and the more weight will be on toes.

Heels are women’s prized possession. And a great fitted pair is what we all need. Look for the occasion and then choose which type of heel will make your feet happy and ecstatic. 

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