May 6, 2021

Shoes you should pack while travelling!

Of course! We love to travel but share a love-hate relationship with packing. And the most frustrating part of it is to pick which pair of shoes to take? Figuring it out which pair of shoes to take on the trip is a challenge but can be made easier and simpler with packing strategies.

Whether you are traveling to sunny beaches, snowy mountains or just experiencing the city life, we recommend you to take those which you’ll be wearing on the trip. Avoid unnecessarily piling up your suitcase.

Traveling to mountains or to cities where it won’t be easier to find public commutes and private taxis are not economical, so wearing something comfortable is what you need.
So nurse your feet well! Your shoes packing is dependent on your planned activities. If you’re traveling for a long duration, covering more than two seasons then just be versatile with your shoes choices.

We’ve categorized the shoes into- walking shoes, heels and hiking shoes/boots. We tip you to take a single pair of shoes from each category that will keep your packing minimalist and you’ll have shoes for each event i.e., evening dinner, adventurous activities or just running around the city.

Comfort over fashion: No matter how pretty they are, if they’re uncomfortable then better to put these at home. Even a small blister or paining feet can mess up for the whole day.

Buy quality socks: Uncomfortable shoes are a complete no-no for us! But have you ever thought how important it is to wear quality socks as well? Yes, investing in quality socks will avert your feet from getting blisters or odour.

Matching shoes to your vacation spot: This is something we should consider while packing for our travel. Taking shoes as per your destination like, taking flats to mountains will be a total flop as your feet might start to ache after sometime. Or walking into hiking boots on the streets of Paris will kill the vibe.

No new shoes on trips: Why? Many people don’t remember this but don’t take your new shoes on your vacation because even the comfiest shoes tend to give a shoe bite or a blister. So wear them for weeks before packing them into your suitcase.

Shoes you must take on your vacation:

Tieks: Tieks are super-packable. Don’t be afraid to add these in your suitcase as tieks are amazingly versatile and amp your outfit as well. Many women even find them to be sufficiently comfortable for the running errands or strolling days. Plus, they’re extremely charming in different colours.

Flip Flops: A pair of slippers for any beachy or tropical vacation! And we would recommend you take these to camping sites or hotel bathrooms as these places are favourable for foot fungus. Flip flops can be your go-out slippers for your daily errands.

Comfy Day Flats: Comfortable to wear for long days than flip flops with minimalist designs and colours. Plus, doesn’t take much space in the packaging bags. A perfect pair for strolling around, for trips down to the neighborhood market or visiting the closest historical center.

Lightweight sneakers: If you’re planning to buy a new pair of shoes for your vacations, then invest into light-weight sneakers. Comfy yet chic. Easy to walk-in them with such variant colours and designs. From sporty outfits to simple denim looks, sneakers compliment every outfit of yours.

Tennis Shoes: If you’re someone who finds their comfort in tennis shoes, then don’t be afraid to pack these. If you’re having heavier shoes, then we suggest wearing these so you don’t have to pack your heaviest pair of shoes.

Boots: Going vacation to a colder climate or just love to dress up for pictures, then taking boots won’t be regretful. The possibility of significant rain might mess up the sneakers or tennis shoes, the boots can be your considerable choice to beat the weather without ruining your dressing game.

Don’t overpack! Take shoes which will make your vacation and feet happy!

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