May 6, 2021

Heel Hacks for Healthy Feet!

Everyone wants to ace in high heels but these bewitching powers come with a painful price. It makes any woman confident, sexy and chic and aching feet as well. From sore feet to painful blisters, everyone knows the ill-effects of heels but with some hacks you can simply keep your feet healthy and happy? Wish we would have known these hacks earlier!

With these tried and tested tips, wearing heels won’t be pain again:

If you’re intolerant to pain but love those flattering heels, make sure to buy a buckle and strap high heels. This way your foot will have extra support and will make your whole heel experience less awful.

Yes to block heels! If your work requires long standing hours, then invest into a chunky or block heels. Because the pencil heels can’t be worn for long hours. Block heels tend to distribute your body weight and your foot doesn’t feel much of the pressure. A must have pair for all the women.

A tip to reduce pain! Is it possible for our foot to not ache while we keep roaming around? Yes indeed. According to a women’s magazine, if you tape your third and fourth toes together, there are chances that your foot won’t be aching so much. The science behind it shows that the nerve that parts between these two toes, throbs when pressure is put on it, i.e. while wearing heels. The tape assists with eliminating strain on the nerve. It’s a mind-boggling tip but it works!

Have you got a new blister after wearing a new pair of heels? I guess most of us got it. Wear your new pair of heels in house with socks and use a blow dryer to loosen the fit. This way your foot won’t feel any pressure or pain and no blisters will be saying hey to you.
If you get one, apply bandages vertically to refrain it from rubbing off due to friction.

Dirty suede heels? Tried every possible hack but the dirt doesn’t come off easily! Next time, clean the suede heels with your used dried toothbrush or crusty bread.

Get the right size. When buying shoes, always get the accurate size. Different shoe brands have different shoe size charts, so make sure to measure the foot size before making a purchase.

Add anti-blister cream in your bag. This is the one essential you should keep in your bag. A precautionary measure that will help in shoe bites. Apply it on the affected area that adds lubrication to the blisters. You can thank us later on!

If you have stinky feet, soak them in apple cider vinegar to eliminate odors.

After wearing high heels for longer hours, stretch your feet with a rubber band to alleviate foot ache. A get insole can aid to maximize the shoe comfort.

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