May 5, 2021

The best way to pack shoes without ruining them.

Whether you’re traveling or moving to a new house, packing your shoes is a hassle.
However, a lot of people love to travel to different countries, cities but hate the packing process. But foremost, remember to have patience and hacks which can help in making the packing a less frustrating practice.This will make your traveling life easier and even smaller spaces can be utilised properly.

You can consider these tips/hacks while packing your shoes without ruining them:

Don’t pack so-many shoes: Before preparing your suitcase for your vacation, decide how many shoes you actually need during your stay? If you’re going to a beachy location, then a pair of casual sandals would be an essential while a solid pair of hiking boots would take your suitcase space for your mountain hike. Packing so many shoes will only occupy more space, so always take those which you need the most.

Check the size of the suitcase before packing: If you are taking an airplane, double check the weight restrictions of luggage and carry-on bags. A hack that can weigh down your suitcase is to wear the heavier pair while traveling and should pack the lighter pairs.

Stuff or Wrap the shoe: It’s a great trick to utilize every single space. Stuffing your shoes with socks, t-shirts, underwear, are good stuffing options. This hack will not only use the space but also helps to retain the shape of your shoes.
Or you can also wrap your shoes with bubble wrap as the luggage is bounced while traveling. Bubble wrap is sturdier and provides more protection to the shoes. Make sure to air dry the shoes before wrapping them as plastic traps the moisture and can lead to moulds.

Pack according to shoe type: While packing your shoes for vacation, remember to bifurcate your shoe styles into heavier and lighter shoes. For example: bulky and heavy shoes should be packed at the bottom while sandals or flip flops can be packed at the end as these require less space.

Protect your fancy outfits: Give a high five if you too pack your dirty shoes with our clothes and end up ruining them. So don’t put your hiking shoes with a white tee!
No worry in keeping your brand new shoes with your clothes, it won’t ruin them. And always consider wrapping your shoes in plastic or use drawstring bags for worn sandals. Take some spare bags as you might need them on your vacation.

Donate those pairs which you don’t wear: While moving into a new home has happy vibes but packing and unpacking items is a task. You might have plenty of shoes  which you don’t wear now, so why to waste time boxing them. Donating them is a good opportunity to get rid of such pairs.

Tie up your sneakers: If you’re a sneaker lover and love to roam around in shoes for their comfort and quirky look. Then, a simple tip comes in handy while keeping your sneakers/shoes well-organised. To keep yourself away from digging the pile, make sure to tie pair laces together. Simple yet helpful tip while packing.

Tea bags for fresh smelling shoes: Some shoes have obnoxious smells that can keep lingering around. Before packing these shoes, make sure to air dry them overnight to release such unpleasant smells. You can even use tea bags and stuff these inside the sock to the shoes fresh.

With the above mentioned tips, you can easily pack your expensive to most loved shoe without causing any damage to it. Taking time to pack and using smart hacks simplifies your traveling/ moving experience.
If you don’t have enough time to invest, then you can ask for professional help while moving onto a new house.

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