May 5, 2021

Must have solemates for summer weddings!

We girls always look forward to getting dolled up for brunch, festivals and especially weddings. And summer weddings are all about colours, joy and bright outfits.

Who doesn’t love to dress up and enjoy to the fullest at weddings? But, this can be a total failure if you’re not wearing the right pair of shoes. Because Indian weddings are about dance, music, scrumptious food and alot of cardio in arranging items for different traditional ceremonies. 

The intricate and embroidered designs available in footwear are tempting to try but often are uncomfortable to wear them for long. If you’re someone who attends so many weddings and finds it hard to choose new footwear for every day. Then, we’ll recommend you to invest in classic gold heels as they will match your every outfit and are comfortable as well.

For bridal footwear, embellished and pearl designs can be your option. The handcrafted shoes where you can customise it from fabric to the fancy embellishments, even matching it with your wedding dress. Another aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is comfort. With plenty of options available online and offline, you can easily find a wedding heel that is chic as it is comfort for your D-day.

Whether you’re attending a wedding or it’s your big day, you must consider the below mentioned tips while making a purchase:

Comfort is the key to your happy feets. Choose the style of shoe in which you’re most comfortable, whether it’s stilettos, wedges or flats. Being a bridesmaid, you must prioritise comfort over style as you’ll be the feet of your bride throughout the day. Going with wedges or block heels won’t bargain your wedding outfit.

Colour: Another necessary aspect you must look upon is the colour of your shoes. Remember to maintain a shading balance with the colour of the outfit and heels. If you’re wearing something elegant and nudes colours then you can totally spice your game with some bright and sparkly heels to attain a more put up look together. If you’re going all out with a flashing and intense colour palette, then keeping the footwear nude or neutral colours would be ideal.

Cost: Don’t overspend for a single day function. Don’t be impromptu and look for a healthy price. If you invest in a heel that is both comfortable and chic, make sure to use it in your regular days.

BeReal has some electric and stylish bridal footwear that’s perfect for a summer wedding. You can consider these designs and style for Indian summer wedding:

Floral heels: Anything in floral is so summery and fresh. Floral prints on Pumps, stilettos or  wedges look classy and fun. Pair these with any desi Indian outfits like Anarkalis or Shararas. Look for footwear with kitten heels or low heels that make them easy to wear for all day.

Neon heels/flats: A neon pair of shoes is perfect for those who want to be the centre of attention. Neon colours instantly catch the eye and look so attractive. They can jazz up any bridal outfit. Wear these neon heels to cocktail parties or mehandi ceremonies. 

Bridesmaid Shoes: You can’t outlook bridesmaids shoes as they need to be comfiest as they need to be on their one foot throughout the different ceremonies. Look for elegant styles in neutral or classic colours that will suit their outfit as well.

Whether metallic, monochrome sandals or just ballet flats, choose the footwear for the wedding which makes you happiest!

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